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Monthly archive for August 2017

August’s Unsafe Photos

Enjoy our monthly installment of unsafe photos!                         

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Update on Silica, Recordkeeping, Anti-Retaliation & More!

RMS hosted an event at our facility recently where a prominent member of the Indiana Department of Labor provided an update on several OSHA regulations.  We would like to share our “CliffsNotes” with those of you who couldn’t make it.  Here is a summary of what was discussed:   FEDERAL OSHA’S NEW DIRECTION:  OSHA under the Obama Administration was extremely active with rulemaking.  Over the 8-years they passed rules on Cranes, Hazard Communication (GHS), Injury Reporting, Anti-Retaliation, Falls in General […]

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Great Idea for Heat Stress Prevention

Most safety professionals know that the color of urine can be an indicator of dehydration, and many of us have taught this in our training classes.  However, much of what we teach is not applied once our employees leave the classroom and return to work.  It takes continued reminders in order to make some things stick and lead to action.  These reminders can come in the form of refresher training, payroll stuffers, on-the-job feedback, and signage.  A few weeks ago […]

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