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Monthly archive for May 2016

CCS to put QR Code on Newly Issued Drug Cards

CCS (formerly MICCS) has decided to place QR codes on the newly issued CCS certified drug cards. A QR code is a scannable, two dimensional bar code.  In this case, it will have the most recent drug testing information regarding the person assigned to the card. This added benefit will save you time when reviewing employee’s drug cards.To be able to utilize this new feature, you still need to log in to Safetsite, and a QR code scanner will need […]

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Too Much Sports Drink Causes Illness!

During one of our recent training classes we had a student share a lesson they learned a few years ago that we feel is worth sharing.  They said they became ill and passed-out on the job one day when the heat index was about 110. Their employer allowed them to go home and rest instead of sending them to the clinic for treatment.  So they went home, showered, went to bed, and woke up 3-days later!!  After waking they decided to go […]

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OSHA Requires Electronic Incident Reporting

OSHA just released a revision to their 29 CFR 1904 Recordkeeping Rule.  This revision will now require many companies to report their “Recordable” injuries to OSHA electronically each year.  Here are some quick bullet points that summarize the key highlights of this change… All companies with 250 or more employees (at any one time the previous calendar year) will be required to submit data electronically each year from their OSHA 300A, 300, and 301 forms .  This requirement will be phased in […]

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NSC Unleashes Free Self-Assessment Tool

The National Safety Council has provided a Safety System Assessment, which is free when you sign up for The Journey to Safety Excellence. The Journey to Safety Excellence is a cycle of improvement that aims for a continual reduction of risk with a goal of zero incidents. When you sign up, you receive: A free benchmarking measurement tool, rooted in research and tested in practice A thorough analysis of the eight safety program categories outlined in the Journey to Safety Excellence: […]

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New Fact Sheets on Confined Space Rescue, Ladder Jack Scaffold & Zika Virus

     OSHA publishes fact sheets about all things safety and workplace related. They recently published a few fact sheets regarding very important topics you might be interested in Click on the links below to read the most recent publications. Confined Space Rescue Ladder Jack Scaffold Zika Virus

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Video of Swing Stage Scaffold Caught in Wind

Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds, also known as swing stage scaffolds, are not for the weak stomach. Imagine being in one of these on the outside of the 91st floor. Now imagine having to endure extreme gusts of wind, sending you from side to side of the building. This video shows what can happen in this situation. The men were able to escape after the scaffold broke through a window. Thankfully there were no serious injuries.  

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